Purchasing a Bike

Making that all important purchase

If you are considering getting yourself a new set of wheels, you’ll probably head straight to an online search engine and ‘google’ your dream bicycle. These days we all do it, it’s part and parcel of the age we now live in, to check out everything on the web before we decide to part with our hard-earned cash. The point of my current rambling is to advise you to consider your actions carefully before purchasing a bicycle online. It is highly likely that the purchased bike will come in ‘kit form’. This may just mean that the handlebars are loose and turned to the side to fit in the box or, as in some cases, the whole bike needs to be assembled. In any case you need to think about how you are going to put the bike together. Ask yourself – do you have both the tools and the competence to build a bike? And more importantly do you know the key criteria to ensure that it is roadworthy once put together? After all, it is ultimately your road safety that is at risk. Some cycle shops (not necessarily all) will be willing to check the bike over but this will come at a cost and may make your bargain online purchase not such a bargain after all. Another key consideration is the sizing. To invest in a bike that is purchased online you need to be absolutely certain that you are ordering the correct size and geometry for you. You won’t want to end up spending more money on swapping parts to get the right fit. If in doubt opt to buy from a high street shop where you can ask advice and have the bike set up for you ready to ride at no extra cost or effort.